Horn Trust Food Bank & Food Sharing

Nobody should go hungry

Horn Trust is a charity with a mission to accompany, serve, and advocate on behalf of refugees, asylum seekers and other forcibly displaced persons, so that they may heal, learn, and determine their future. We help people with data and free sim also.

We recently started a food bank in collaboration with Fareshare. We aim to make sure no one in our local community should go hungry in this cost of living crisis.

Your donations help those facing starvation!

We help people in this cost-of-living crisis by distributing food through our food bank. Our main aim is to make sure no one should go hungry in our local community during this tough time.

 We are helping people on daily basis but as a small charity, there are many challenges for us. One of the challenges is securing funding to fulfil the demand. Because of the growing demand for food donations in our local community, we need more donations to help people in bringing food to their tables.

Whatever donation we receive we will use the entire money to buy food for the people who desperately need our help.

Charities Helping Asylum Seekers - White Frame
Charities Helping Asylum Seekers - White Frame

We do not have any paid staff members and none of the trustees gets any money paid for their services. We rely on our kind and hard-working volunteers. So, every penny donated by you would be used to provide food items to the people who are in need in our local community. It would also help them with mental health problems and would bring some happiness in their lives.

Our charity supports the local people with advice, free internet data/calls/text also. When a person comes to us with his/her problem we always try to help them with whatever we could do for them.

Thanks, everyone for your support.

List of our foodbank referral partners:

  1. RMC – Refugee and Migrant Centre, 36 Frederick St, Birmingham B1 3HN
  2. Percy Shurmer Academy, Longmore Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9ED
  3. Ladypool Primary School, Stratford Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham,
    West Midlands, B11 1QT
  4. Different frontline professionals, like doctors, health visitors, social workers, and Citizens Advice. These professionals will be able to refer anyone to us for a food parcel. 
Charities Helping Asylum Seekers - White Frame