Donate a Tree

Horn Trust aim to plant trees to help reduce the impacts of climate change, reverse the damage of deforestation in Somalia, Somaliland and Djibouti and improve the livelihoods of the African people.

You have the choice of 12 trees to donate to farmers and forests.

The trees you gift provide the farmers with a source of income by growing and selling their crops helping to lift them from poverty. They also become a crop of subsistence farming helping families overcome famine and food insecurity.

For the forests, the trees you donate will absorb carbon from the atmosphere and restore the water cycle, therefore, improving the community’s ability to farm and bringing wildlife back to these regions with re-established habitats.

choose your tree:

Apple Tree

Acacia Tree

Arabic Gum Tree

Orange Tree

Cashew Tree

Shea Tree

Moringa Tree

Baobab Tree

African Locust Bean Tree

Mango Tree

Papaya Tree

Frankincense Tree