Horn Trust Helping Raise Autism Awareness

Supporting Autism Awareness


Horn Trust is dedicated to raising awareness of and prevalence of autism and mental health illness amongst asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrant families in the UK.

This will be achieved through a support network of families with children, who have autism and prevailing mental health problems. 

Activities & Events


Horn Trust offers families help to develop a ‘Community of Families’ through a support network and reduce the feeling of isolation. We host regular coffee mornings, respite classes such as cookery and organise social events. We provide opportunities for children with ASD to meet and to develop social and communication skills and provide support to siblings and the opportunity for siblings to meet and form friendships.

We run many programs for children with ASD and also hold regular events where the children and their siblings can attend together. Horn Trust also supports a summer program that is open to children and their families.

All of the activities are tailored to suit the needs of the child/children with ASD, this enables the family to attend outings that could be problematic, for example, we attend things that would be closed to the public and/or events such as the funfair where lights, music, and speed would all be adjusted.

We also work within the community to further raise awareness of ASD by making play parks, restaurants, cinema, shops, supermarkets and libraries more ‘Autism Friendly’. We work closely with other groups and organisations to raise awareness of the issues people with ASD have and help find solutions for inclusion.