About the Horn Trust

Our Charity’s objectives are:

1. Provide Relief

The relief of in particular but not exclusively people in West Midlands, including refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants, who are in conditions of poverty, hardship and distress in particular by providing advice, information, representation, translation and interpreting services in matters such as asylum and immigration, welfare benefits, housing, health education, training and employment.

2. Educate

The advancement of the education of the Community in particular refugees and asylum seekers, including vulnerable migrants, in order to assist their inclusion and integration in the wider community. 

3. Provide Guidance

 Advancement of other charitable purposes including provision of information, advice and guidance to help people deal with the cost of living crisis.

4. Social Inclusion

The promotion of social inclusion for the public benefit amongst the said beneficiaries who are socially excluded by providing education and training to build and relieve the needs of those people and assist them to integrate into society. 

5. Develop Skills

To develop the capacity and skills of the members of society and economically disadvantaged migrants community in Highgate, its surrounding areas in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet their needs to participate more fully in society.

We also provide IT skills training.

6. Promote Environmental Awareness

To provide environmental awareness programmes and training to asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants, and specifically members of the Somali Community in the UK, 

7. Working with the Disadvantaged in Somalia

 One of our key objectives is also to work with disadvantaged and poor families, especially women, in the African drylands regions of Somalia and Djibouti to unlock the potential of trees to reduce poverty & protect the environment, drought and desertification.  We provide education, training, policy & technical advice on tree-based development initiatives that support poor communities build incomes, improve their management of & secure access to natural resources, & achieve nutritional security. We are helping with food, water, books, toys for orphan children and homeless families

Horn of Africa Charity - Objectives - Provide Guidance

8. Foodbanks

We run a food bank to help people who are in need in the cost-of-living crisis. We are associated with FareShare and distribute free food parcels in our local community. We try to provide emergency food and essential toiletries to a person in financial hardship.

Horn of Africa Charity - Objectives - Educate

9. Autism Awareness

We actively work for autism awareness. We run regular free workshops for parents and children to know and understand more about autism. Horn trust is determined to play a vital role in creating a society that works for autistic people.